Friday, August 6, 2010

deColourant color remover and replacer for fabric discharging

Releasing a new product line is like having a baby. A glass of wine over a wonderful dinner.Then down to business or should I say idea sharing! deColourant was conceived September of 2009 as part of an initiative to add new products into the craft market place. The conference room at Kandi Corp was soon covered with empty coffee cups, leftover crumbs of anything sweet that Vicki and Dave could find. Notes on the whiteboard, notes on legal pads. Formulas, color combinations. The clock is ticking... Quilt Market on the horizon. The end of May in Minneapolis approaches. deColourant and deColourant plus is ready to go!! Fabulous show, interest is there, people are booking classes......and the baby I mean deColourant is born June 15th!!!

So the story goes...

Be sure and check back for pictures, tips and techniques.

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